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List of pages.

Just a reminder. Here are all the available pages of the template.

So, here is the list:

  1. Homepage (with a full-width slider, a package slider, a testimonial slider, a side reservation form...)
  2. Classic homepage (homepage without hotel-related stuff)
  3. Static homepage (homepage with a big image - no slider)
  4. Elements (page with a lot of elements: buttons, lists, headings, form elements, table)
  5. Rooms (a page with a list of rooms)
  6. Room (a page to showcase a room)
  7. Reservation (reservation page with calendars, live validation, ajax...)
  8. News (right sidebar - there is a slider on this page - it's just an example you can remove it or put a slider on other pages)
  9. Gallery (a page with prettyPhoto integrated)
  10. Location (with a big google map)
  11. Contact (live validation and ajax)
  12. Full width page (with columns... a lot of columns...)